Downfall: Meet with Nimbus

Nimbus: So… the Veil's safe, for now. I don't have an Earth Warlord translation for this, so, um, stick with me. If Calus uses whatever that Radial thingy is and somehow destroys the Veil, well… It's tied directly to our CloudArk and literally all Neomuni. I don't think you need a Warlord translation for why that's bad. From the sound of it, your buddy there, Osiris, wants to go in guns a-blazin', which, hey, I fully support. But the old man—the, uh, other old man—my old man. Not literally, but, you know. Between you and me, he isn't sure it's the right call. But don't worry, though. I reminded him you Guardians are the experts here. You've been dealing with this whole Witness thing a lot longer than we have. It's okay if we lean back and try a little trust fall. If you drop us, it might be my funeral, but whatever, it'll be fun!


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Downfall: Interlude with Rohan

Category: Osiris

Exorcism: Severing Savathûn's Worm