Fist of Crota

Opening to The Fist of Crota

Eris Morn: We went to the Moon seeking vengeance, but it found us first. Crota, the Son of Oryx. We’d never faced anything like him. In the end, only I was left. Crota and his armies destroyed our Moon. If we don’t stop them, I fear Earth will suffer the same fate.

Landing in The Blast

Eris Morn: Sardon commands the Hive spawn on Earth. Search the Grotto, find this monster and see to his end.

Enter Omnigul, Will of Crota

Omnigul, Will of Crota leaves

Eris Morn: Sardon is the first of Crota’s disciples. His army helped shatter the Moon and claim it for his master. His presence here is a sign. The Hive are preparing to wake Crota’s soul.

Entering the Refinery

Acolytes summon Blade of Crota

Blade of Crota defeated

Eris Morn: I survived for years in the tunnels under the Moon, using the shadows as the Hive do. Keep your eyes open.

Entering the Grottos

A Dark Burden Debuff

Sardon, Fist of Crota Enters

Sardon, Fist of Crota defeated

Eris Morn: Now that Sardon has fallen, come see me. There is more to do. The rest of Crota’s disciples will not cease until Earth is ready for their master’s return.

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