Ghost in the Machine III: Amanda and Zavala

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian listens to a message on the radio in the Wing of the Haunted

Amanda Holliday: Hey, Commander. How're you holding up?

Zavala: I've been better. Sounds like you have too.

Amanda Holliday: Yeah. Pretty tore up inside. Any little thing sets me off. Might've said some… hurtful stuff to somebody who didn't deserve it.

Zavala: We've all been at our worst. When we're hurt, when we're afraid. We all fall apart.

Amanda Holliday: Feels like I'm held together by duct tape and spit lately.

Zavala: The last few weeks have opened up some old, old wounds. Reminded me of important people I've lost. My wife. My son.

Amanda Holliday: Yeah… yeah… I know that kind of hurt. Other way around, though. I still think about my folks, but I… I can't really remember their voices anymore.

Zavala: I can't remember Hakim's voice either. I try. I try so hard.

Amanda Holliday: You wanna tell me about him? Your wife?

Zavala: Someday. Not today, not yet.

Amanda Holliday: Want some company down in your office anyway? We don't have to talk. Maybe we just… sit?

Zavala: I'd like that. Thank you, Amanda.

Amanda Holliday: Ain't nothing. It's what family does.


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