Ghost Scan: Braytech Futurescape, Mars

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by DrJazzyBebop

Concierge AI: The Clovis Bray Corporation is the leading innovator in the most prosperous time of Human history. We are proud to serve you, and proud of those of you within our ranks. Would you like to know more?

Concierge AI: You are Clovis Bray. Whether you're one of our distinguished top scientists, a valued consumer, or investor, we welcome you to the family.

Concierge AI: At our present rate of progress, current estimates predict Humanity becomes an interstellar civilization within the century. Imagine the astonishing feats your children will witness, and the wondrous era of peace and productivity in which they will live.

Concierge AI: We have challenged ourselves and Humankind to be better, to reach higher. You are part of an important moment in history. You are Clovis Bray.

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Ghost Scan: Aurora Reach, Mars

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Ghost Scan: Aurora Reach, Mars

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Ghost Scan: Core Terminus, Mars