Clovis Bray (organization)

On the timeline
— A Golden Age research and development organization.

Clovis Bray was a Golden Age company that focused on research and technological advancements. Its main facility, on Mars, was “famous for attracting talent.”1

Ventures at Clovis Bray were quite varied, and its farthest reaching projects included the development of the engram, the Exo project, and the Warmind project.

Dr. Willa Bray was the first person to successfully encode solid matter; this breakthrough led to the creation of engrams.2

The largest obstacle in the creation of Exos was Dissociative Exomind Rejection-the human mind was often unable to reconcile its new body. The solution Clovis Bray developed was two-fold: rebooting the mind immediately after transfer, and programming traditional human desires such as eating.3

According to the Concierge AI at the Clovis Bray facility, “the goal of the Warmind Project is to prepare our defences for unseen threats.”4 This included setting up the Warsat Network, 5 and the development of the Warmind Rasputin. The success of Rasputin’s programming, as reported by the Concierge AI, is its Black Box Morality system.6

During the reign of the Iron Lords, Lord Timur became obsessed with Clovis Bray, and was possibly one of the earliest Guardians to connect Clovis Bray to the Exo and Warmind projects.7

Clovis Bray was also involved in the development of Dormant SIVA, including offering it to the Exodus project to help with colonization of other planets.8

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