Nightmare Hunt: Servitude

Lunar Battlegrounds, The Moon

Eris Morn: Zydron. The Vex Gate Lord who denied Guardians access to the Black Garden. The very place from which the Traveler's pain arose. The Pyramid uses Zyrdron's very presence as a reminder of the fear we faced when the Traveler's existence was threatened. Silence his Nightmare.

The Guardian searches for the Nightmare of Zydron. The Guardian defeats the Vex and the Hive which they encounter, including a Nightmare Harpy, several Nightmare Goblins, a Quantum Minotaur, and several Knights. The Guardian enters a cavern with a Vex gate.

Ghost: Zydron lost his head to brave Guardians. We'll defeat his Nightmare all the same.

The Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord appears. The Guardian defeats the Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord.

Ghost: Eris, we've put the Nightmare of Zydron to rest.

Eris Morn: The Pyramid's distractions prove weak, time and again. The next time will be no different.

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