Pilgrimage: Garden of Esila, Queensfoil


Shuro Chi: Queensfoil. Orin the Lost stole several of these plants before she embarked on her fool's journey into the heliopause. I tried to warn her, but her curiosity was overwhelming. She did not listen to me.


Shuro Chi: See that plant? It's queensfoil. The leaves, carefully prepared, can be used to see into other planes, other realms — but the power of the vision can destroy the weak.


Shuro Chi: That’s queensfoil. It’s highly poisonous, but when the leaves are properly dried and crushed, it can be used to induce prophecy. The risks are immeasurable.


Shuro Chi: When my friend Nascia was still in training to become a Techeun, she dried her own queensfoil and tried to induce a vision. It nearly killed her. Give that plant a wide berth.

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