— One of the first Awoken, and later a Guardian and the Emissary of the Nine.

Orin’s first life was that of Nasya Sarwar, a twenty-seven year old woman who was aboard the Yang Liwei.1 Sarwar won an international lottery to gain a spot on the ship working as a Scopare, performing various odd jobs around the ship. She left behind a brother on Earth.1

Sarwar was one of the firstborn Awoken, reawakening in the Distributary. After she awoke, she renamed herself Nasan Ar.1 Ar eventually met Sjur Eido, who recruited her as a translator for the Diasyrm.1 Some time after the Theodicy War ended and Mara Sov announced her plan to leave the Distributary, Ar was introduced to Sov and pledged herself to her.2 Ar served as a sort of advisor to the Queen following the exodus. Once Awoken began leaving the Reef for Earth, Ar asked Sov for permission to go and speak to those who’d left in an attempt to foster goodwill.2 Sov granted her request to become an emissary, though in doing so banned Ar from ever returning to the Reef. Soon after she arrived on Earth, Ar was killed in her sleep by a band of Risen.2

After she was revived, Orin was given her name by her Ghost, whom she named Gol.3 Upon finding a village decimated by rogue Warlords, Orin began training and hunting them down, making enemies in the process.4 She was eventually approached by the Pilgrim Guard, who offered her membership. She worked alongside the Guard for a time, including during their first trip to the Last City. Orin then left the Guard, staying behind in the City while they moved back towards the north.4 While in the City, Orin met Namqi Sen, who agreed to smuggle her back into the Reef.5 They were quickly intercepted, however, and Orin was sent to have an audience with Queen Mara Sov. Orin remembered Sov to some degree, and the two had several more conversations. Orin was eventually sent back to Earth with a sentence of an unnamed future debt to the crown.5

Some centuries later, Mara called in her debt to Orin, asking her to investigate Sjur’s death.6 The search led her to Xûr, beginning her hunt for the Nine. The hunt for the Nine changed her, causing her to hallucinate and experience synesthesia.7 She eventually met the Drifter, who was going by the name of Wu Ming. They met and talked several times about their pasts.8 This continued until Orin learned of the Drifter’s true identity and left the system to find the Nine.7 After she left to find them, the Techeuns gave her the name Orin the Lost.910

At some point, Orin sought out the nine Ghosts who were said to have ventured beyond the heliopause.1112 She ventured beyond the heliopause in her hunt.8 Orin came back from her journey as the Emissary and began setting up the Trials of the Nine.13

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