Pilgrimage: Harbinger’s Seclude, Flowers


Shuro Chi: Pink asphodelia is grown only in the Dreaming City, and we do not pick the flowers except to celebrate a birth or mourn a death. They have a unique power over the Awoken soul.


Shuro Chi: Asphodelia flowers are taboo to pick except under special circumstances. Getting a thorn lodged in your skin causes paranoia, madness, violence… but the petals themselves, steeped in tea, bring peace and enlightenment.


Shuro Chi: Asphodelia… The flowers are a symbol of the fragility of life, and they were originally planted from clippings gathered in a place of enduring death.


Shuro Chi: Pink asphodelia. It's a cultivated strain said to descend from the flowers in Black Garden. Among our people, Prince Uldren was the first to walk the Garden, and the first to bring these back.

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