Prince Uldren Sov

— Brother of Queen Mara Sov, former Prince of the Reef and Master of Crows.

Uldren Sov was the Prince of the Reef and the brother of Queen Mara Sov.

During the Golden Age, Uldren Sov was known as Uldwyn, a crewmember aboard the Yang Liwei.1 He, along with his mother and twin sister Mara, were crew members aboard the ship.2

When the Light and the Darkness collided around the Yang Liwei, Uldwyn attempted to follow his sister into space.3 He later reawakened in the Distributary and took the name Uldren.4

Uldren continued to assist Mara in her plans, eventually following her to Earth.5 Once the Awoken arrived in the system, he served as a scout; he was the first Awoken to make contact with the Fallen.67

Before the arrival of the Guardian at the Reef, Uldren sought to enter and take the Black Garden with Jolyon Till, one of his Crows.8 He and Jolyon were able to successfully enter and explore the Garden.9 They returned to the Reef with a token of their achievement, and Uldren attempted to surprise Mara with their success.10 However, Mara reprimanded Uldren for defying her order to stay away from the Garden.11

Uldren served during the Reef Wars, discovering flaws in the House of Wolves’ communication networks.12 His Crows also helped to find errors within the Wolves’ flight trajectories, which led to a victory at Bamberga.13

Uldren instructed his Crows to monitor the Gate in Meridian Bay; when one discovered the Heart was growing stronger, he informed Mara himself.14 Later, the Guardian approached Uldren and Mara, searching for the Garden.15 After the Guardian acquired the eye of a Gate Lord, Uldren gave them the location of the Meridian Bay Gate.16

Uldren served as an advisor to the Queen during the Hunt for Skolas.17 He also served as the Master of Crows before his disappearance after the battle at Saturn.14

When Oryx arrived in the Solar System, the forces of the Reef assembled to confront him. Uldren led the assault on the Hive fleet. While the Queen’s Harbingers destroyed the majority of the fleet, they were ineffective against the Dreadnaught.

Oryx used the Dreadnaught’s weapon and most of the Reef’s forces were destroyed, causing Uldren to crash land on Mars. He used the Crow drones stationed there to make repairs to his ship and began looking for Mara.18 Some time later, Uldren began moving from planet to planet in order to attract the attention of the House of Kings; he was eventually captured and led to their Kell.19

His ship was found on Mars.20

Following his encounter with the Kell of Kings, Uldren began raiding the Reef alongside the Kings.21 He also spoke to Riven for the first time, who was masquerading as his sister. Riven led him to the body of an Archon, Fikrul, whom Riven resurrected.22 Uldren and Fikrul then killed the Kell of Kings.23

Uldren is mentioned in the Telesto lore entry.24 Within the lore entry is a hidden message found by reading the first letter of every word: CROW UNTRUSTWORTHY DESIRES POWER. Given this message, some of the Reef leadership were suspicious of Uldren’s actions in the months after the Red War.

Later, Uldren went to the Reef, where he accused Illyn of trapping Mara in the Dreaming City.25 He then surrendered himself to the Awoken, who jailed him in the Prison of Elders.26 The Scorned Barons were also imprisoned.27

During their imprisonment, Uldren and Fikrul convinced Variks to release those jailed within the Prison.28 Petra Venj called on Cayde-6 and the Guardian to help contain the riots.29 The Barons were revealed to have escaped in the chaos; they then attacked Cayde and destroyed his Ghost. Following the fight, Uldren killed Cayde.29

After his escape from prison, Uldren began attempting to free who he thought was Mara. He acquired a shard of the Traveler, though he narrowly avoided being killed by Petra.30 He then went to the Watchtower and used the Shard to open the gate to the Dreaming City; in the Watchtower, Riven revealed herself and attempted to kill him.31

The Guardian, who had followed Uldren to the Watchtower, killed the Voice of Riven. Uldren then encountered the Guardian and Petra and was killed shortly after.31

However, Uldren was later revived by a Ghost, becoming a Guardian.32

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