Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Globe

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by DrJazzyBebop & Lowlines


Shuro Chi: Dual-ringed planets should be impossible. Two rings, distinct and equal, each in its own self-supported orbit. They are a good metaphor for the Awoken, if you ask me.


Shuro Chi: Awoken explorers once ventured far beyond this solar system. They saw many strange things: abandoned worlds orbiting accretion discs; rogue planets lost to the Light; young planets with dual-rings…


Shuro Chi: The Awoken were born from the Collapse. We have as many legends about our own genesis as there are statues in this City. One story speaks of a planet with two rings…


Shuro Chi: Ordinarily, it is not possible for a planet to have more than a single ring. Gravity and the planet’s equator will pull two rings into one. But, where there’s a wish, there’s a way…

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