Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Flowers

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by DrJazzyBebop & Lowlines


Shuro Chi: That's pink asphodelia. Plain, but pretty. We used to grow asphodelia to mark births and deaths. It's taboo to pick the flowers for any other reason.


Shuro Chi: Many Reefborn Awoken experience prophetic dreams. They vary, but often feature the same symbols - roiling oceans, or starless skies, or, commonly, flowers…


Shuro Chi: Legend has it that these asphodelia were originally cultivated from red flowers in the Black Garden. You can see they've lost their vivid color.


Shuro Chi: When I was Taken, my thoughts were not my own. It was as though I had been exiled from my own body. But there were moments of clarity when I could see something, or smell it… like these flowers.

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