Quest: A Ranger Found, The Nightstalker’s Trail

Cayde-6: Guardian, I've been trying to raise Tevis. He won't answer. Either he's in over his head, or… look, that guy owes me a lot of Glimmer, so, uh, he better still be kicking. Alive, or the other thing, we need to find Tevis. There aren't a lot of Nightstalkers in the field. We can't afford to lose his connection with the Void to the Vex. Go get him.

Pantheon, The Black Garden, Mars

The Guardian steps through the Gate and arrives in the Black Garden.

Cayde-6: Tevis is a cheat. And a liar. And he smells like a barrel of Thrall spit. But he's our cheat. The Vex can't have him.

The Guardian searches for Tevis, defeating the Vex which they encounter. The Guardian finds destroyed Vex units with Void energy. Nearby, the Guardian finds Tevis' body.

Ghost: Tevis is gone, but the Light in his bow still burns.

Cayde-6: Won't stay lit forever. Make it your own.

The Guardian takes the Void Light from Tevis' hand, forming a bow out of Void Light and firing a Void arrow into the distance.

Cayde-6: You know, I was there when he first picked up that bow. You have it?

Ghost: We do.

Cayde-6: Take them out, Guardian. Make them pay.

The Guardian defeats multiple waves of Vex using their newly acquired Shadowshot.

Cayde-6: I'll be honest, Guardian. I wasn't sure you could connect with the Void. I should have known better. We may have lost Tevis, but your strength means the Vanguard still owns the night. Come on back.

Hall of Guardians, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

The Guardian returns to Cayde-6.

Cayde-6: You did good. Tevis cheated in every game of dice we played. Wish he were still here. Keep his bow safe, Guardian.

The Guardian receives a Nightstalker's Cloak.

Nightstalker's Cloak

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