Quest: Chances and Choices, Enemy of My Enemy

Solarium, Titan

Sloane: Thanks to you, the reactor is online and we know just where it is. Dropping coordinates now.

Zavala: The problem is that Fallen Captain. He's been one step ahead of us this whole time.

Ghost: So we do this fast. We've got this, Commander.

The Guardian heads into the New Pacific Arcology in search of the reactor.

Arboretum, Titan


Ghost scans a broken display screen.

Ghost: The screen is broken, but the data flow is in tact. It's streaming so kind of commercial, talking about all the wonders of living on the "new frontier of humanity". Heeuh.

The Guardian heads further into the Arcology. As the Guardian deactivates a forcefield blocking a doorway, Fallen shoot a Cursed Thrall, causing a group of Hive to explode

Ghost: Ouch. That had to hurt.

Moving deeper into the Arcology, the Guardian is ambushed by Fallen.

Ghost: Watch out!

Selkis, the Obstructor, a Servitor, appears. The Guardian fights against Selkis.

Ghost: Sloane, why do the Fallen want the reactor?

Sloane: For Ether production, probably. They hook up a big Servitor to it, they double or triple output. Why do you ask?

Ghost: No reason.

The Guardian defeats Selkis, the Obstructor. The Guardian continues further into the Arcology and finds Fallen and Hive fighting each other.

Ghost: I cant believe that Captain's still ahead of us. He's much cleverer than most of the captains we've met. Well, I say "met", but you know what I mean.

The Guardian reaches the reactor and finds a Fallen Captain being attacked by a Hive Knight.

Ghost: Remind me, do we like the Hive or Fallen better?


If you kill both Mithrax, the Forsaken, a Fallen Captain, and Golthor, the Subtle, a Hive Knight

Ghost: This Captain gave us a good run for it. Not a lot like him out there. Let's get Sloane her reactor.

Ghost retrieves the reactor.

Ghost: Hey Sloane! Guess what we've got?

Sloane: Is it a methane reactor?

Zavala: I believe it was meant to be a rhetorical statement.

Ghost: Yeah. Anyway, we're bringing it in.

Sloane: I look forward to your arrival


If you only kill Golthor, the Subtle

Mithrax, the Forsaken: [Fallen speech]

Mithrax, the Forsaken teleports away.

Ghost: I think that Captain just gave us the reactor. You think you understand the Fallen, and then… Well, lets take it. Sloane's waiting.

Ghost retrieves the reactor.

Ghost: Sloane, you'll never guess what happened?

Sloane: You… killed a Captain and found a methane reactor?

Ghost: We didn't kill him. He let us have it. Just looked at us and left.

Zavala: Fascinating! This is an excellent example that the universe is… a complicated place. That perhaps there are more things in the heavens than can be dreamt of in our philosophy. At any rate, bring in your prize, Guardian.

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