Quest: Differential Diagnosis, Enhance!

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Ghost: Okay. Think outside the box. If I were several containers of artificially enhanced Ether, where would I be?

Hawthorne: Keep it simple. The Fallen are desperate. They're trying to hide something. How did they do it last time?

Ghost: Well, they used a set of barriers to keep us out. I'm detecting one nearby. Let's go!

Maevic Square, European Dead Zone

Ghost: That is a big barrier. No wonder I could detect it so far away.

Devrim Kay: The bigger the barrier, the bigger the cache. How are you going to get it down?

Hawthorne: Don't overthink it. Go punch some Fallen, see if they've got the keycode.

The Guardian melees several Fallen. Instead of finding a keycode, the Guardian finds some explosives.

Ghost: Ha! No keycodes. But I think this explosive will work just as well.

The Guardian plants the explosives and then detonates them, bringing down the barrier. They continue along the path and find another barrier. The Guardian defeats an Unstable Vandal, which drops more explosives. The Guardian uses the explosives to bring down the barrier. The Guardian heads further along the path and finds a third barrier.

Ghost: There's a Fallen teleporter here. I think I can brute force my way past their security, but not quickly.

Hawthorne: No choice. You're gonna have to kick down the door, little guy.

Ghost: What is it with mysterious, hooded, anti-authority types calling me little?

Ghost hacks the Fallen teleporter. The Guardian defeats several waves of Fallen. The Guardian uses the teleporter to get past the barrier. They find and destroy several Ether tanks.

Ghost: There's nothing left in these cores. All the Ether's been drained out of them. But there's another cache nearby.

The Guardian heads towards the cache and finds another barrier. The Guardian defeats the Fallen who appear, including an Unstable Captain who drops some explosives. The Guardian uses the explosives to blow up the barrier.

Devrim Kay: Be on your guard. The Red Legion must have heard all the commotion. I've seen Harvesters flying about the area.

Hawthorne: Bet they want some payback for the Fallen stealing their stuff. I can relate.

The Guardian continues towards the Ether cache.

Widow's Walk, European Dead Zone

Ghost: This must be the place, but there's no Fallen. And the Ether must be cloaked.

Hawthorne: Then lets get the neighbours to uncloak it! Why don't you send up a couple of flares, and see how some Red Legion shock troops shake things up?

The Guardian launches several flares. Kraug, the Undeterred and his Cabal shock troops drop in, causing Mazan, Lost Captain and his Fallen to panic and reveal themselves. The Guardian defeats Kraug, the Undeterred and Mazen, Lost Captain and destroys the ether caches.

Ghost: It's hard to tell with all the cloaking, but I think we got it all.

Devrim Kay: Seems likely. I just caught a glimpse of a Servitor headed for the mines. Never seen one like it.

Hawthorne: Ten glimmer says THAT'S the one making all the modified Ether! Don't miss this chance, you two.

Ghost: Okay, just… let us enjoy this one for a minute.

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