Quest: Experimental Treatment, Enhance!

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Devrim Kay: Hawthorne has asked Ikora to take her place. Something about, "Knowing more about all that Fallen stuff."

Ikora Rey: Meaning Ether distribution from Servitors to Kells, consequences when that supply is severed, subtleties of an Archon Priest versus a Captain…

Salt Mines, European Dead Zone

Raksil, Archon Priest appears.

Ghost: We've got an Archon Priest, and he's glowing.

Ikora Rey: Then some enhanced Ether still remains. Finish him quickly.

The Guardian defeats Raksil, Archon Priest and collects several Ether Cores.

Ghost: More depleted Ether cores. Hmm.

Devrim Kay: Perhaps you could scatter them like breadcrumbs and draw your quarry back to the surface.

Ikora Rey: You're joking, Devrim. But that might actually work. Guardian, head back to Devrim's tower. You'll need some room for this to work.

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Using the Ether cores, the Guardian lures many Fallen and Serkuleks, the Fount, a Servitor, who teleports away after being damaged.

Ikora Rey: That Servitor will be vulnerable while it recharges. Find it, and destroy it.

Outskirts, European Dead Zone

Devrim Kay: I'm reading multiple inbound Fallen ships. They're not going down without a fight!

Ikora Rey: But they are going down.

The Guardian defeats Serkuleks, the Fount and the rest of the Fallen.

Devrim Kay: Fantastic work.

Ikora Rey: The Fallen won't recover from this any time soon. Exemplary.

Devrim Kay: Head back this way when you have a minute, and we'll close this chapter out.

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