Quest: Talk to Banshee-44, Cayde’s Will

Courtyard, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Banshee-44: You did it. Ace's yours now. I'm glad. Cayde would be glad too. But Ace… Ace is in rough shape. Ain't seen this kinda corrosion since… since… Can't remember. Anyhow… Cayde woulda kept spare parts in his own personal loot stashes. Yours too, now, by rights. Track 'em down, bring me the parts. We'll get this piece purring again.

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Quest: Return to Banshee-44, Cayde’s Will

Category: Banshee-44

Quest: Risk/Reward, Pain and Gain

Category: Cayde-6

Quest: The End, Exploring the Corridors of Time