Season of Arrivals Closing Event

The Guardian receives an alert from the Vanguard and returns to the City. The Guardian traverses the streets of the Last City and investigates the disturbance.

Riverside, The Last City, Earth

The Guardian arrives and wanders through the plaza.

Ghost: I'm picking up… something. It's… like a Ghost. Only bigger. Emanating from the Traveler. There's a resonance in the Light I haven't felt since the day I was born. And when I found you. Ghosts reporting in from across the system — we can't explain it, but… we all sense it. A heartbeat.

The Guardian continues to investigate the City streets and hears the people screaming as they point at the Traveler. The Guardian passes by a Daito store as they traverse the rooftops. The Guardian discovers more Guardians on the rooftops all looking towards the Traveler as its Light shimmers and pulses.

Eris Morn: Something is coming. I can feel it…

Eris pauses while the Guardian continues to witness the Traveler.

Eris Morn: It is drawing power. Could it be enough to drive the Darkness away from us?

Ghost: Every fireteam has returned to the City. Even the Hunters. They're with the people, keeping them safe. Well, the last time this happened… the world ended. I'm not worried. I'm not.

Eris Morn: It is reforming. Healing its wounds. This will not be the end. It will be an escalation.

As the Darkness encroaches Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars, it begins to extend its reach towards Earth. The Traveler responds with a burst of its Light in all directions. The scene goes dark.

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Season of Arrivals Opening Cinematic