Season of the Chosen Opening Cinematic

Lord Saladin: The Cabal. War, wanted or not, is all they understand. And so we taught them. Sand Eaters… scattered. Dust Giants… felled. Ice Reapers… buried. Siege Dancers… broken. Until we grew complacent… and Ghaul drove a blade between our ribs. Left us gasping. Before the Vanguard showed them… that the Light cannot be tamed so easily. I should've stepped forward. Stamped the Red Legion into extinction. Instead, I ran the Banner… and watched the City's victories dull our edge once more. It should've ended before they fattened us. Before they exploited us. Before they forced us to lift up a murderer as our savior. Another Cabal Warmonger now leads a fleet on Nessus. No more waiting. We will be there… to put her in the ground.

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Quest: Speak to Saint-14, The Trials of Osiris

Category: Lord Saladin

Shard of the Traveler (Sunbreaker)