Semaphore Signals II: Eido and Spider

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The Guardian listens to a conversation on the radio near The Ether Tank in the Eliksni Quarter.

Eido: Baron Spider, I greet you in the Light.

The Spider: Baron? [chuckles] I haven't heard that in some time. What is it you want, Scribe Eido?

Eido: I have heard that you have a great interest in Human cultures, and as such, have acquired many curiosities.

The Spider: Yes. I had quite the collection before my… unfortunate relocation. But this isn't why you hailed me; get to the point.

Eido: I have a question.

The Spider: Of course you do.

Eido: You and my father came from the House of Wolves, once known as the House of Gentle Weavers. I have very little record of that time. A firsthand account would be invaluable.

The Spider: [grunts] The Kell wouldn't like my speaking to you.

Eido: Misraakskel would understand. This is important to the history of House Light, of which you are a part.

The Spider: You don't know what your father is capable of, little Scribe.

Eido: What does that mean?

The Spider: This conversation never happened!

Eido: That went rather poorly.

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