Semaphore Signals III: Drifter and Eris

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The Guardian listens to a conversation on the radio near The Ether Tank in the Eliksni Quarter.

The Drifter: I kept this part quiet. I think half of those pirate lords didn't know what they had to begin with. They knew these things were powerful, but not why. Crack one open, and you'd find a fingerbone, or a knot of old hair. Strong stuff. Smells awful. Ask me how I know, heh. I been holdin' on to 'em, but… I figured you might want 'em.

Eris Morn: Mmm. Why?

The Drifter: I thought to myself… "You know who might like something strange and unsettling? Eris Morn."

Eris Morn: A gift, then?

The Drifter: Well… yeah, Moondust. You could call it a gift.

Eris Morn: The sentiment is appreciated… but no. You know what you possess. These relics are not simple curiosities to be hoarded. They might serve a greater purpose.

The Drifter: And what's that?

Eris Morn: Am I your conscience? Discover this for yourself. They are reliquaries, objects of great power. The Darkness moves just beneath its skin. Do you feel it? It ruptures. Flows. Envelops.

The Drifter: Ooh! I like listenin' to you talk.

Eris Morn: And I enjoy your silence.

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