Shard of the Traveler (Nightstalker)

The Sludge, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: This forest is like a black hole. It just keeps pulling us back in. But I suppose good things keep happening here… somehow.

The Guardian travels to a stream that leads to the Shard of the Traveler. As Guardian and Ghost go deeper into the

forest they come across the portal from their previous visit.

Ghost: I see you haven't changed much, portal. Still… huge and scary…

The Guardian enters the portal.

The Dark Forest, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: Are you ready for weird story time? I'm ready for weird story time.

The Guardian walks up to a projection of a Hunter and hears the voice of Tyra Karn.

Tyra Karn's Voice: It's very simple. You reach into the Void - past visions of your own death and the extinction of life, past fears and nightmares - and take what you find. I don't know why every Hunter doesn't do it.

The Guardian approaches an apparition of a Hunter crouched down and a female voice begins to speak.

Mysterious Voice 1: It's all about where you belong. Warlocks have their libraries. Titans have their walls. Hunters belong in the wilds. And there ain't nobody as wild as a Hunter with a fistful of void.

The Guardian continues down the path and comes across the image of a Cabal. The same voice from the last apparition speaks again.

Mysterious Voice 1: You take aim before you pull the bow. That's right, it doesn't make sense. It's the void. So you take aim, in the middle of a firefight. You line up your shot. Then, you pull the bow! Always worth it for the looks on their faces.

As the Guardian walks away from the apparition, Taken begin to teleport in.

Ghost: Hey, we've got company!

The Guardian vanquishes the Taken and walks through another portal.

Ghost: Over there. Another projection.

The Guardian approaches the projection and a new female voice speaks.

Mysterious Voice 2: You hear that from some Warlock? No, no, no. The void ain't special. It sure is creepier than solar or arc, that's for sure. But it isn't special. Just show it respect, thank it for a lovely evening, and make sure you always pay your bill. So to speak. Then you've got nothing to worry about. See?

The Guardian continues along the path and approaches an apparition of Cayde-6. Cayde's voice begins to speak.

Cayde-6: The noble man stood. And the people looked to him. For he was a beacon - hope given form, yet still only a man. And within that truth there was great promise. If one man could stand against the night, then so too could anyone. So too could everyone. In his strong hand, the man held a rose. And his aura burned bright.

The Guardian approaches the final apparition, Cayde-6 firing a shadowshot.

Cayde-6: I looked at her and wondered how many innocent lives she'd ended on those broken blades. She did the strangest thing then. She took the last shock pistol from her bandolier and threw it between us, as if to offer it. When I went to pick it up, she tried to knife me, but she was slow, and yeah - I did what I had to do. To this day, I wonder if she hated me or wanted to make me kill her - or just felt she should spare me the choice.

The Guardian and Ghost walk through another portal, taking them to the Shard of the Traveler.

Ghost: There's the Shard. Wait. Did you hear that? Taken, inbound!

The Guardian defeats the Taken.

Ghost: That Shard must have a little Light left to give.

The Guardian approaches the Shard and is filled with Light, regaining the power of the Void.

Ghost: Let's show the Taken what you've learned.

The Guardian fights through waves of Taken using Shadowshot.

Ghost: The Taken will do anything to stop us from leaving.

The Guardian fights, and kills, a Taken Wizard named Haraal, Venom of Oryx

Ghost: Whew. Nicely done. Lets get out of here. I'm ready for a change of scenery.

A portal appears, teleporting the Guardian and Ghost out of the Dark Forest.

The Sludge, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: I don't know why the Traveler keeps choosing to grant us its powers. There must be others like us out there, fighting for what's right.

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Shard of the Traveler (Gunslinger)

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