What Remains

Ghost: We're in!

Osiris: Good. Any sign of the Sol Divisive?

Ghost: Not a Vex in sight. You should be proud, Nimbus. Rohan's passkey worked perfectly. I guess they're still hurt over missing out on the action.

Osiris: All the more reason for them to stay out of the Garden. It has a way of… amplifying such emotions 'til they blot out all reason. So, quickly and quietly now. Find a Conceptual Mind, grab its memory core, and get out.

Ghost: Roger that.

Ghost: The Sol Divisive! How did they know we were here?

Osiris: Focus on getting past them now. We can dwell on the "how" later.

Ghost: Made it through! Though I still don't understand how that happened. Unless we tripped an alarm on the way in…

Osiris: It's possible. Perhaps Rohan's passkey had a flaw we didn't see.

Ghost: But why not attack where we portaled in? Why let us get so far?

Osiris: Are you suggesting someone else tipped off the Sol Divisive?

Ghost: It's possible.

Osiris: It's also disappointing. Stay on task. I'll go check on Nimbus.

Ghost: Looks like someone beat us to the next security measure.

Nimbus: Sorry, friends! I couldn't sit this one out. I owe this to Rohan.

Osiris: You owe it to Rohan to do your duty as a Cloud Strider.

Nimbus: Like you know what it means to be a Cloud Strider.

Ghost: Nimbus, how did you even get in without a passkey?

Nimbus: Y'know that conflux you found back on Neomuna? Let's just say… those lasers were meant for more than just a light show.

Ghost: Taken?! What are the Taken doing here?

Nimbus: I don't know about your end, but they're slowing me down over here!

Osiris: Be careful. If the Taken are there, you're in for an even tougher fight than we expected.

Osiris: I suspect the Taken have been sent to do what the Sol Divisive refuse to: to cover the Witness's tracks. Completely.

Ghost: They're here for the Conceptual Mind.

Osiris: Clearly, its knowledge presents a real threat to the Witness's plans. We need that memory core.

Ghost: Nimbus, wait!

Nimbus: No time to lose. Last one to the Conceptual Mind is a disappointment to Rohan's legacy!

Osiris: As if they needed more cause to act rashly. Guardian, you have to catch up with them, before it's too late.

Osiris: Nimbus, I know you feel you have to do this for Rohan's sake, but—

Nimbus: Rohan is dead. I can't do anything for him anymore… except live up to what he taught me. A Cloud Strider does whatever it takes to keep Neomuna safe. We don't hesitate in the face of danger. We don't let pain stop us. We let it remind us that…

Osiris: …You're still breathing, still fighting. Yes, I know. You shouldn't let pain stop you. But you can't let it propel you either. Trust me. That path only leads to more pain.

Nimbus: I found this. It's Cloud Strider tech, all right. Rohan probably ran right past this spot when he… Looking at this, all I can think of is how… Rohan didn't need weapons or fancy mods. Sure, he liked his gear, but… he didn't need all that to defend our city. To do his duty as a Cloud Strider… …Which is what I should be doing right now. You take it. Use it to get the blueprint. Meet me back in Neomuna when you're done, OK?

Ghost: Osiris? We caught up with Nimbus. They're on their way back to Neomuna.

Osiris: You convinced them? Well done, Guardian. Must be your way with words. But you'll need more than that if you're to reach the Conceptual Mind before the Taken. Don't forget what you're here for.

Ghost: We're on the move!

Ghost: The Taken are pulling ahead! Time to really let loose, Guardian. We can't let them destroy the Conceptual Mind. …At least not until we get its memory core!

Ghost: There's the Conceptual Mind! And its failed creation… or its god. Huh. I never really thought about that before. What kind of beings create their own god? And it's not even an original!

Osiris: Happens more than you'd think. Something to ponder AFTER the memory core's safely in hand.

Ghost: Right. Focus up, Guardian!

Ghost: The Conceptual Mind is down for the count! Looks like the Taken have all cleared out. Why aren't they fighting us for the memory core?

Osiris: I'm sure they were merely told to destroy the Black Heart's architect. I doubt they were aware its knowledge is the true threat.

Ghost: You really think this blueprint will help us with the Veil? After all, if the Black Heart was meant to be a copy of the Veil, it didn't exactly succeed.

Osiris: True. But even studying the failed attempt can lead to useful information. We won't know for certain until we open up the memory core… which will take some time, so hurry back. Besides, I'm sure our friend Nimbus could stand to hear some good news right about now.

Ghost: Absolutely. On our way!

Wayfinder's Voyage VI: Summoned by Mara Sov

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