Desperate Measures

Osiris: Guardian. All of our training, all of our losses—it's brought us to this moment. We must stop Calus from reaching the Veil and establishing a link to the Traveler.

Nimbus: The final stand, baby! If I can get this old Ishtar-era orbital beam thing up and running, might come in handy.

Osiris: I would suggest exercising an abundance of caution around "untested Ishtar technology."

Nimbus: I miss the old "go in without a plan and hope for the best" Osiris.

Osiris: That is a gross mischaracterization!

Caiatl: Today shall be the end of Calus's reign. The Shadow Legion will submit, or be crushed beneath my heel.

Nimbus: Caiatl's forces are entering Neomuni airspace now. Something's not right, though.

Nimbus: They've set up anti-air guns! In our city!

Caiatl: Eradicate their weapons. I will not subject any more of my soldiers to such fruitless deaths.

Ghost: The anti-air guns are neutralized.

Caiatl: My forces are rallying, but it will take some time.

Osiris: You're almost at the Veil, Guardian. Every moment wasted brings us that much closer to calamity.

Nimbus: So… this defense relay thing. Taking a bit more work than I thought! It hasn't been turned on since the Ishtar days. Hope it still works!

Osiris: With the empress's legion routed, it may be our last line of defense.

Nimbus: Sounds like someone's coming around to the "untested Ishtar weapon."

Nimbus: She's almost ready. I think I got it…

Nimbus: Whoa! Did you see that? Totally planned that.

Osiris: Keep the turrets under our control. They're vital to our defense.

Osiris: Enemy tanks are headed to your position.

Nimbus: That sounds like a job for "untested Ishtar weapon"! Paint the targets, Guardian! You tag 'em; I'll frag 'em.

Nimbus: The defense relay's overheated!

Ghost: There's no end to them! Osiris, what do we do?

Osiris: Remember your training! You only have one goal: keep them from the Veil!

Caiatl: Shadow Legion cowards! This is Empress Caiatl, the true sovereign of the Cabal. You've chosen to ally yourself with a gutless traitor worshipping a false god. We are Cabal. We eat the mountains, we drink the seas. If you've any shred of honor left, then at least give us the pleasure of a worthy battle.

Ghost: There's no end to them!

Caiatl: Guardian! If it's our day to die, we shall be immortalized in legend together!

Nimbus: You're doing great, but, uh… I've got some bad news. We're outta juice. No more turrets. No more defense relay.

Osiris: Retreat to higher ground! You need a more defensible position.

Caiatl: This way, Guardian! We'll safeguard the Vault together.

Calus: Daughter.

Caiatl: Calus?! What is—

Nimbus: Guardian! Caiatl! Are you OK?

Caiatl: The Veil's exposed. Keep them away from it, at all costs! Leave the emperor to me.

Osiris: You must reach the Veil before the Shadow Legion. Do whatever you must to prevent the link!

Ghost: Will Caiatl be OK?

Nimbus: I have a feeling she can take care of herself.

Osiris: Empress Caiatl is buying you time to find the Veil before the Shadow Legion. Don't squander this opportunity.

Nimbus: According to Neomuni lore, the Veil is deep beneath the ground. Like, waaaay deep. Whatever you find in there, just keep going downward.

Osiris: We're keeping an eye on the surface. Caiatl's holding off Calus for now, but she's outnumbered.

Ghost: Osiris, I'm sending you a visual feed. We could use your help navigating this place.

Osiris: Incredible! Just like the Archive on Venus. You should be able to access that Ishtar terminal like any other.

Ghost: That must be the Veil. It's massive! I feel a little strange. Don't know how to describe it… It almost gives me the same feeling as… the Traveler? That doesn't make any sense, does it? Let's press on.

Ghost: For both our sakes, please don't fall. It looks like the Veil goes even deeper!

Ghost: Is this…?

Nimbus: Looks like a CloudArk prototype! That's…wow.

Caiatl: I held them off as long as I could. Calus is coming for you. It's in your hands now, Guardian. Give him the end he deserves.

Nimbus: I'm reading major shockwaves in the Vault! The emperor's smashing through that place!

Osiris: Hurry, Guardian! He'll get there before you!

Calus: I've been waiting for this day a long time, Guardian. Come! Let us revel in this exquisite moment!

Calus: You cannot abate annihilation! [laughs boisterously]

Calus: This exceeds my wildest imaginations!

Calus: I want more!

Calus: Does this satiate your pain?

Calus: Don't die on me yet, Guardian.

Calus: Witness! Venerate your Disciple! Heh heh. [exhales] Let the war beasts feast tonight!

Calus: Embrace the end.

Calus: I am the Disciple! I am the emperor!

Calus: Argh! The Witness will see me…

Calus: [grunts in agony] …Cemaili!

Ghost: Caiatl, we've done it. Calus is no more.

Caiatl: You gave him a Cabal's end? [exhales] I'll believe it when I see it for myself.

Ghost: Hey, uh… do you guys feel that?

Nimbus: No clue what you're talking about. We're almost at the Veil. Hang tight.

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