Festival of the Lost: Underwatch

"Eri-i-i-is. Oh, Eri-i-i-is."

"Do you have my ship for me, Cayde?"

"No, but—"

"Then go away."

"No ‘Happy Festival of the Lost!’ for me, Eris?"

"Happy—? Count what I’ve lost. My companions: Eriana, Sai, Omar, Vell, Tarlowe, Toland. My eyes. My Ghost. My ship. And who was it who lost my ship?"

"Speaking of which—Kadi's confiscated a smuggled shipment, just in time for the Festival. A sweet treat. Well, a treat, at least. Some people even like it. First person I thought of was you. Since, well, I owe you."


"You'll like it."

"I will not like it."

"It’s perfect for you."

"Don't come back until you have my ship."

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