WANTED: Queenbreaker Captain

They wear the name "Queenbreaker" like a badge of honor; but we'll show them that it's a stain, a target—an indelible mark for death.
WANTED: Any and all traitorous Wolf Captains known as Queenbreakers.

Bounty: 100 Marks, Queen's Wrath

Wanted for: Treachery and high treason against the Queen of the Reef

- Weapon: Shock Blade

Affiliations: Skolas, Saviks

Bring proof of kill to PETRA VENJ, Vestian Outpost (5560 Amytis)

WANTED: Peekis, the Disavowed

Category: Skolas

WANTED: Queenbreaker Vandal

WANTED: Howling Raider

Category: Petra Venj

WANTED: Queenbreaker Vandal