— A Fallen Captain of the House of Wolves. He claimed to be Kell of Kells before being captured and imprisoned in the Prison of Elders.

The Awoken fought the House of Wolves during the Reef Wars to stop them from rallying with the other houses during the Battle of Twilight Gap. When the Queen’s Harbingers destroyed Virixas, the Kell of House of Wolves, Skolas and two other Wolves rose to claim the Kellship.1 After several dirty battles, Skolas emerged victorious.2

As Kell, Skolas employed brutal warfare tactics during the Reef Wars. Pilot Servitors were typically used to man the flight of Fallen ships, but Skolas used them to lead suicide attacks on the Awoken.3 He also used the Silent Fang assassins to attack civilians.4 This led Variks of House Judgment to betray Skolas to the Queen, which directly led to his capture.5

In the aftermath of the Reef Wars, the Queen sent Skolas to The Nine as a gift to “commemorate [their] mutual victory.”6 For reasons unknown, they released Skolas and restored him to his Ketch.7 Variks discovered he had returned to Venus,8 and a Guardian reported that he was in the Ishtar Sink.9 The Queen thought he was attempting to rule House Wolves from Simiks-fel, but he was leading Wolves into the Vault of Glass.10 He was ultimately captured by Guardians and placed in the Prison of Elders,11 where a fireteam of Guardians killed him.

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