Petra Venj

— The Queen’s Wrath who has also served as the Queen’s Emissary and Regent-Commander of the Reef.

Petra was raised by Techeuns on the Awoken space station Amethyst.1 Petra, along with her sister Pinar, entered Techeun training.2 However, Petra found the training difficult and struggled to make progress; she felt as if she was not given the chance to truly succeed, and her sister’s quick progression led to tension between the two. Petra eventually left Techeun training, a decision she somewhat regretted.2

At the start of the Reef Wars, Amethyst was destroyed and its inhabitants were killed by Drevis, Wolf Baroness and the Silent Fang, an act referred to as the Raze of Amethyst.34 Among those killed was Coven Leader Pinar Venj.5

Petra was promoted to Corsair, allowing her the opportunity to strike back at the Wolves.6 She served under Paladin Abra Zire during the Hildian Campaign.7 During the Cybele Uprising, she led an attack on the Silent Fang that resulted in nearly all of them being killed or captured.8 Petra also captured Veliniks, the Ravenous, who had attempted to rally the remaining Wolves as their new Kell.7

Petra fell from the Queen’s grace after calling in an air strike on a group of Wolves, a decision that resulted in the deaths of three Guardian strike teams.6 The City and the Speaker were furious, and Petra was exiled and sent to the Tower as the Queen’s Emissary, a position she retained for several years.9

Several years after the Reef Wars ended, Petra wrote to Queen Mara Sov and requested that she be allowed to return to the Reef.6 Some time later, Petra’s exile was lifted and she was called back into field service.10 She was also promoted to the Queen’s Wrath; the First Queen's Wrath, Sjur Eido, had been killed during the Reef Wars.1112 Several Paladins disagreed with the decision to promote Petra.11

As Queen’s Wrath, Petra began leading the hunt for the Wolves, managing the bounties placed on the escaped members.13 She also assisted the Guardian in tracking down Skolas and preventing him from bringing more Houses under his banner.1415 Under orders from the Queen, Petra aided the Guardian in capturing Skolas alive; she then transported him back to the Reef.16

Prior to the Battle of Saturn, Petra spent several months attempting to convince the Techeuns to form a new coven, but she was unsuccessful.17

Following the Battle of Saturn, Queen Mara Sov was presumed dead.18 Petra was promoted to acting Regent-Commander and assumed control over the Reef.19

As Regent-Commander, Petra encountered many difficulties; the Techeuns mistrusted her, and there were several attempts on her life.20 When Paladin Leona Bryl formally requested that Petra take the Queenship, Paladin Kamala Rior threatened to abandon her post.2122 She also had a turbulent relationship with Tower leadership, particularly Commander Zavala.23

Even several months after their disappearance, Petra believed that Mara and Uldren Sov were alive. 2425

Following the Red War, Cayde-6 and Petra worked to apprehend the Scorned Barons, a group of Fallen who had been terrorizing the Reef.26 Seven were captured and imprisoned in the Prison of Elders. The eighth, Fikrul, escaped.27 Petra was also present when Uldren Sov surrendered himself to the Reef, overseeing his containment within the Prison.2829 Sensing something was wrong with Uldren, Petra placed him in maximum security and instructed Variks to keep watch over him.30

Petra and Variks attempted to minimize the rumors surrounding who was being held in the Prison, but were largely unsuccessful.31 Petra also forbade Variks from experimenting on Uldren.32

Some time later, Variks freed every captive from the Prison of Elders, including Uldren and the Barons.33 Petra, unaware that the cells had been opened and assuming the ensuing chaos was only a prison riot, called on Cayde-6 and the Guardian to help address the situation.34 Petra soon discovered that the Barons and Uldren were not in their cells; in the ensuing firefight, Cayde was killed and the prisoners escaped.34

Following Cayde’s death, Petra traveled to the Tangled Shore in order to see the Spider.35 There, she reconnected with the Guardian, and the two met with the Spider together. The Spider gave them the location of the Barons and Uldren; however, the Barons escaped before the Guardian and Petra could kill them.36 Petra instructed the Guardian to track down and kill the eight Barons before Uldren was able to access the Watchtower.36

While the Guardian hunted the Barons, Petra attempted to find Uldren. She tracked him to the shard of the Traveler in the European Dead Zone, but her attempt to assassinate him there failed.37 After the Machinist was killed, Petra contacted the Guardian and told them that Uldren was on his way to the Watchtower.37 Petra and the Guardian approached the Watchtower separately.38

At the Watchtower, the Guardian killed the Fanatic.38 They entered the Watchtower and discovered Uldren, but were unable to prevent him from opening the Gateway. Upon opening the Gateway, Uldren was attacked by the Voice of Riven, whom the Guardian then defeated. Petra then arrived to confront Uldren alongside the Guardian, and Uldren was killed.38

Following Uldren’s death, Petra set out to discover what had pulled him to the Watchtower.39 In the Dreaming City, she discovered that the Ahamkara Riven had caused Uldren’s madness; she and the Guardian used the Oracle Engine to contact Mara and inform her of what had transpired. Mara instructed Petra to let Guardians into the Dreaming City and to assemble a team of Guardians capable of killing Riven.39 With Petra’s guidance, six Guardians were able to destroy Riven.40 However, Riven’s death unleashed a curse on the Dreaming City, trapping it in a three-week time loop.4142

Following the curse, Petra assisted the Guardian in recovering a number of Awoken relics that the Hive were attempting to steal, a mission that repeated as the curse reset.4344 She also called on the Guardian to defend the Oracle Engine from being overwhelmed by the Taken.45 Petra and the Guardian continued to report to Mara regarding the Dreaming City’s status.46

Some time before Mara departed from the Queen’s Court, Petra brought Eris Morn to speak with Mara regarding Savathûn, the Witch Queen.4748

Following the disappearance of Io, Mars, and Titan, Petra spoke with the Guardian about the Darkness entering the solar system. At this time, she told the Guardian of the rumor that Uldren Sov was alive.49

During his investigation into the Hive, Osiris went to the Dreaming City, where he spoke with Petra regarding recent Hive activity.50

Soon after, Mara sent a message across the system. In it, she apologized to Petra for being absent for so long and announced that she would soon return to the Dreaming City.51 Following this broadcast, Petra spoke to the Vanguard, where she informed them that the Cabal Empire was mobilizing.52 She reported that the mobilization was due to the Cabal battling against a disease of Hive origin. In response, the Vanguard sent a Titan, Siegfried, to work under Petra.52 Siegfried worked with Petra to eliminate the Wrathborn and secure samples for further study.5354 During his assault on the Wrathborn, Siegfried was rescued by an unidentified Guardian wearing the Spider’s sigil; Petra, upon being informed of this, promised to look into it.55

Petra, believing that it was necessary to train a new generation of Techeuns, again approached Coven Mother Illyn with the idea.17 Despite her reluctance, Illyn eventually agreed. Petra utilized her past Techeun training to help the thirteen new recruits, many of whom were struggling to learn due to how quickly they were being trained.5657

Petra ordered the Techeuns to venture into the Ascendant Realm to retrieve Mara.58 During the ritual, the Techeuns and Mara were attacked by Xivu Arath. The Techeuns were able to safely transport Mara to the Dreaming City, but in doing so scattered themselves across the Ascendant Plane.59

Petra worked with the Guardian to recover the lost Techeuns.58

Under orders from Mara, Petra refused to let Crow speak to Savathûn, leading to a confrontation between the two.60

Petra spoke to Mara regarding Crow’s susceptibility to Savathûn’s influence, stating that she was worried he may be vulnerable.61 Under Mara’s recommendation, Petra also sought out those who knew Uldren and instructed them not to interact with Crow.62

Following the Techeuns’ ritual to excise Savathûn’s worm, Petra reported the news of Savathûn’s escape to Ikora Rey; she also informed Ikora that Osiris had been returned alive.63

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