Petra Venj

An Awoken who serves as Queen’s Emissary. Since the Queen’s disappearance, she has been serving as acting regent-commander.1

Petra served the Queen during the Reef Wars.2 During the raze of Amethyst, Drevis, Wolf Baroness, killed Petra’s sisters.3 The Queen, likely recognizing a need for focus and direction, promoted Petra to Corsair and had her strike back at the Wolves.2 She served under Paladin Abra Zire during the Hildian Campaign,4 and led an attack on the Silent Fang during the Cybele Uprising that resulted in nearly all of them being wiped out.5 In the aftermath of the war, Petra captured Veliniks, the Ravenous, who had attempted to rally the remaining Wolves as their new Kell. 4

She fell from the Queen’s grace after calling in an air strike on a group of Wolves that ended up killing three teams of Guardians as well. The City and the Speaker were furious, and Petra was pulled from field duty and sent to the Tower as the Queen’s Emissary. 2 When rumors of Skolas’ reappearance reached the Reef, the Queen called Petra back into field service to hunt him.6

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