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All-Star Bond

"How you feel is how you look, my dear. And I want you feeling your best!" –Eva Levante

The afternoon sun warms the courtyard's flagstones. Well-fed pigeons coo from balcony railings. Tree branches covered in new buds rustle in the breeze.

A dozen Guardians brandish weapons and accessories at one another.

"I don't know what you're talking about," declares a Sentinel. The chased patterns on her silver gorget match her shield. "Obviously taking a punch is the most important thing."

A Sunsinger in an antique tabard pulls off her glove, fine weave covered in metallic feathers that catch the light. She shakes it at a Bladedancer. "Genuine batadactyl feathers. These gloves have flown in Venus's upper atmosphere. They resonate with Solar energies. That's the key."

"Batadactyls don't have feathers. You overpaid, darling," says the Bladedancer. "The key is visuals. And you're lacking those too–"

A pair of Solar wings ignite on the Sunsinger's back. The ambient temperature of the courtyard rises by two degrees. Twelve Guardians reach for their weapon.

"Oh my. Has Lord Shaxx set up a new Crucible arena in the Tower?"

Twelve Guardians freeze and look over to see Eva Levante. Her crisp scarf is perfectly coordinated to her stylish–yet practical–shoes.

A Sunbreaker shuffles over to hide a scorch mark on the ground.

It's the Bladedancer who speaks first.

"Eva! You're just who we need! You can solve all our problems!"

Perfectly calm in the face of three Gambit teams' worth of Guardian, Eva says, "All of your problems might be even beyond me, my dear."

The Sentinel's shield fades to nothing as she comes to a realization. "No, we need a judge," she says. "And you're the expert!"

Guardians speak over each other.


"Auntie Eva!"

"Ms. Levante!"

She looks them over. More Guardians than Zavala would send after some great beast, all staring at her with pleading eyes.

"Oh, all right. I could use a break from the holiday crowds."

Eva raises a finger to her audience, beckoning for their attention.

"When I was in couture, I used a three-part rubric. We'll call our categories form, function, and flair. One at a time, everyone, down the path and back. I want to see your look, I want to see what it can do, and most of all I want to see how it makes you feel to wear it…"

And the Tower's first-ever fashion show begins.

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Allstar Bond


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Allstar Bond