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There is the sea. Who can drain it dry?


IR: And every time I look up at that portal, this gnawing doubt in my mind grows bigger.

MK: Doubt is the shadow cast by wisdom. It is only by questioning that we uncover profound truths. What troubles you?

IR: I've spent centuries studying the Light. Mastering it. I thought I knew… something. Enough. But watching the Witness carve through the side of the Traveler made me feel… ignorant. I realized how little I actually know.

MK: The secrecy of the Great Machine has troubled many Eliksni. Eido has these same fears.

IR: But not you?

MK: I am reminded of the sea hunting ritual many Guardians enjoy.

IR: Mmmm. Fishing.

MK: The Guardians throw their hunting-lure into the sea in faith that many creatures live there, though they cannot see beneath its surface. And standing silently on shore, they might feel… helpless. For they cannot affect the sea. It is too vast, and too powerful.

IR: I knew I disliked fishing for a reason.

MK: In the face of such power, we must act with patience and humility. A fish hunter should not dwell on the invisible depths of the sea. This is only a distraction. Instead, they must focus on the fish hunting itself: the feel of the line and the ebb of the tides.

IR: And that works?

MK: I am happy to stand on the shore, appreciating the beauty and power of the sea without understanding it. Without controlling it. I have faith that, in time, the sea will reward my reverence with its abundance.

IR: …The sea provides?

MK: It does, Ikorakel. It does.


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