Grimoire: The City—Praxic Order

"They're some of the Tower's best assets. There is always the risk, of course, of… overenthusiasm." —Ikora Rey


PARTIES: Two [2]. One [1] agent Aunor Mahal [M]; One [1] field agent, redacted [R] under Cormorant encryption

[M.01] Keep cool, agent.
[R.01] I'm steady as a Titan.
[M.02] Steadiness means not getting cocky on the way out.
[R.02] Oh, in that case.
[R.03] Don't think they clocked me in this gear. Nothing but a blueberry with a nasty streak.
[M.03] And the deal?
[R.04] Next week! Even a new Light like me could find a better deal before then.
[M.04] I'd rather deal with incompetent arms dealers than the reverse.
[R.05] You and me both, ma'am.

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