Ascendant Scepter

An empowered symbol of Awoken royalty.


After careful study of the Scepters given to Guardians aiding in the rescue operations on Earth, the Cryptarchy offers the following preliminary analysis:

The Ascendant Scepter is an object attuned to the powers of the Awoken, and the Awoken Queen Mara Sov in particular. Using volatile Ley Lines similar to those that allow Queen Mara to telepathically communicate (to various degrees) with other Awoken, the Scepter allows its wielder to benefit from bursts of paracausal energy sent by the queen herself.

This type of energy transference was previously thought impossible, even among the Awoken Paladins and the rumored specialist sect known as the Queensguard. To make matters more complicated, Awoken tradition dictates that all Guardians capable of this feat immediately be granted the rank of Paladin (which is preposterous, as only seven can serve at one time).

Interestingly, Queen Mara has seen fit to distribute Scepters to each active Guardian rather than just the Awoken, and bestow Royal Army titles to all. Even, in an honorary capacity, to the Lightless. Awoken Techeuns and Corsairs now fight alongside allied Human, Exo, Eliksni, and Cabal individuals, and all beneath the queen's royal banner.

Had this development been revealed to me a scant few years ago, I wouldn't have believed it… but this old Cryptarch has seen Guardians fighting with bows and glaives, wielding Stasis and Strand, and is not too stodgy to admit that times have changed—quite possibly for the better.

—Master Rahool

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