Blast Furnace

Forged in the hottest fires.

"…And I'll personally produce a limited number of previously unreleased designs. An alternate version of Blast Furnace, for example," Ada-1 explained.

"First you strong-arm us into altering our specs," the VEIST rep scoffed, "And now you come begging for the very models the Vanguard rejected."

"They would have turned the Crucible into a graveyard," Shaxx interjected. "I don't regret—"

"I think what Lord Shaxx means to say," Ada-1 interrupted, shooting the Titan a razor-sharp glance, "is that your prototypes were ahead of market. Their time to shine is now."

"Can the soft sell," replied the Omolon rep. "The numbers are right, so we're in."

"But what's the catch?" the VEIST rep asked suspiciously.

"No catch." Ada-1 steepled her fingers. "In a year's time, we'll all be dead."

The reps shifted uncomfortably.

"Or, we'll have defeated the Witness," she continued. "In either case, it's time to diversify our offerings. With newly released designs… and more."

The VEIST rep arched her eyebrow. "What do you have in mind?"

Ada's tone warmed slightly. "Just an idea. There's an old Cosmodrome program whose revival I think could be quite useful."

Binary Phoenix

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