Candescent Boots

Upgrade this item using Kindling and Embers obtained during Solstice 2022.

Amanda Holliday's Solstice Round-Up! See what the defenders of the Last City think about the new festivities!

Vanguard Commander Zavala
"Each of us has faced and overcome so much. Sometimes that can feel like a sacrifice, or a price… but it's a lesson to remember and learn. I'd like Guardians to keep that in mind as we celebrate Solstice. What we come to do is only possible because of what we've done. Both the good, and the bad."

Vanguard Ikora Rey
"Meditation is an important part of understanding not just the Light, but ourselves. We rise in a void, and seek meaning. The Bonfire is a wonderful metaphor for that process; Amanda outdid herself helping with Solstice. Even I don't know how she managed all of this."

"A big pyre to lay to rest everything we hold in our hearts. Yes. I could use this now. Celebration. Explosions. Revelry… isn't it wonderful? I might cry."

Mithrax, Kell of House Light
"Guardian celebrations perplex and mystify, but new beginnings are worthy of what the Saint calls 'partying.' House Light is grateful for inclusion in this occasion, and offers forth many combustible baubles to the sacrificial flame."

Lord Saladin, Valus to Empress Caiatl
"Once I can see this Bonfire from Caiatl's flagship, I'll be happy."

Empress Caiatl of the Cabal Empire
"What is the ordnance limitation on these Bonfire contributions? Perhaps the Cabal can assist in creating a larger fire."

Ana Bray
"I'll support anything Amanda does. Quite a show. I'm always a fan of something fancy with a little attitude."

Lord Shaxx
"I like to imagine the ignition cores are grenades… that does put a smile on my face."

Eris Morn
"…The what?"

Ana: Black Box

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Candescent Greaves


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Candescent Greaves

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Candescent Greaves