Bond of Detestation

Acolytes of Nezarec: Acasia - V

The hatred Acasia felt for her people and Nezarec permeated every inch of the cave.

I didn't know what to say. She knew what it meant to be touched by Nezarec. Though I would have preferred her partner, Acasia would have to suffice.

"I understand your pain," I said and reached out to touch her shoulder. She flinched, and her eye snapped to my face. "I know you feel hatred toward him… but that's good."

Acasia got to her feet. The purple glow covered her hands once more.

"He rewards those that survive his torment. You know his power. His nightmare needs to live on," I said gently and stood to gaze up at her.

Acasia looked agitated, impatient. I reached for my bag, and she extended her hand defensively. We held each other's gaze for a moment. I slowly pulled a tome from my bag and placed it gently on the log. I flipped the pages until I found an image of a familiar two-horned being.

"My family has worshipped him for a long time," I told her. Acasia looked down at the pages. "Keep that hatred alive—that's what he wants."

I sensed her apprehension.

"If you help me bring him back to this plane, show him you're willing to serve him, he might just let your partner go," I added.

It was difficult to tell what she was feeling, but after placing her hand on the tome, eye affixed to the cover's image, I knew she would be desperate enough to try anything.

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Boots of Detestation