BrayTech Combat Vest

"Agility. Protection. I have always subscribed to the idea that armor is useless without both." —Lead Engineer, BrayTech R&D

Armor is the inherent struggle between freedom and protection, and has been since the dawn of humanity. The natural conclusion of elementary physics is such that resilience is the enemy of mobility. But now we're pioneers in a nascent world of discovery, where we can abrogate the laws of "Old Physics" and widen the breadth of engineering design space.
My colleagues at Clovis Bray and I are excited to embark upon this project. We intend to enhance the efficacy of our line of protective armor, and bring to you the level of quality you expect from the Bray name.

BrayTech Absolute Zero Mark

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BrayTech Survival Mitts

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BrayTech Sn0Treads

Boxing Day

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