Calamity Rig Plate

"When the ship goes down, you can't save it. You just gotta choose: go under, or swim." —The Drifter

How do you feel about all this, hero?

You've got a dead heart beating in your chest right now. Only reason you're still movin' is because somebody's got a job for you and they don't think you're done yet.

Anybody asked for your point of view lately? Lots of changes lately—go here, hunt that. Kill him. Kill her. You tell me, "Hell yeah, Drifter! I live for that stuff!"

I'm tellin' you, yeah, you do. Get me?

Am I guilty as the rest of 'em because I tell you to bank a few Motes? You expect me to tell you to decide for yourself, am I right? You know just enough to be stupid.

I'm asking you how you feel because nobody else will. Trust.

Calamity Rig Gauntlets

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Calamity Rig Mask

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