Chapter 1

The Tower Bazaar was beginning to wake with activity as Eido sighed and placed her datapad on the table in front of Crow's Ghost.

"Glint, this research on the Hall Between has me thinking about… stories. The ones that evoke fear. The 'scary' ones, as you've said."

"Like the ones about the Drowned Captain?" Glint asked.

"Exactly," she said. "My father told me not so long ago that odes are for hatchlings. But throughout our research on the Hall Between and the Headless Ones, I've discovered that people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy these tales of dread, regardless of the academic merit or accuracy. So I'd like to make something similar for people to enjoy; I want to try writing my own!"

"That's a wonderful idea. What will you write first?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure. I need some… inspiration."

"Oh! I'd love to help. Now, the first thing to know about scary stories is that sometimes, nothing is as scary as the truth!"

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Chapter 19

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Chapter 2