— The Ghost and constant companion of Crow.

Glint (originally known as Pulled Pork) is a Ghost who journeyed across the solar system in search of a Guardian, going as far as the Reef.1 Eventually he made his way into the Dreaming City where he discovered the body of Uldren Sov, and resurrected him as his Guardian, who came to be known as Crow.2 The two journeyed around the solar system, unable to rest anywhere for long thanks to the fact that Crow was always mistaken for Uldren and attacked on sight by other Guardians.3 Eventually, the new Guardian renamed his Ghost Glint — a name chosen due to his unrelenting optimism and unfailing kindness in the face of the difficulties the pair had faced in the wilds.4 Unfortunately, when Crow was forced to work for the Spider, Glint was the main method of enforcement — a bomb was placed in his shell, and the Spider threatened to detonate it if Crow ever disobeyed him.5 After the Young Wolf liberated the Crow from the Spider’s service, the bomb was removed, and Glint now enjoys the same freedom Crow does.6 The two have continued to be inseparable friends.

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