Chapter 27

"A Headless One?!" Eido and Glint exclaimed in unison as Archie raced up beside them.

"We need help. I'll go find Crow!" Glint said.

"There's no time. The longer we wait, the more dangerous this monster becomes, and someone could be killed. We have to stop it now!" Eido replied. She hastily analyzed the composition of the monster. "It's not like the Headless Ones we've studied before. Look at its appendages… is that Vex milk?"

"I think so," Glint said. "Saccharomyces cerevisiae and sucrose react with Vex milk. If my calculations are correct, the chemical reaction creates a mass in what Humans categorize as a 'toothpaste.' If the excreted gas gets caught—"

"The point, Glint!"

"The Headless One would break apart without putting anyone in danger!" he quickly shouted.

"It would have to ingest the catalyst," Eido surmised.

"Exactly. But it's not like we can force feed it bread. It eats candy."

Archie barked repeatedly beside them.

"I—don't speak dog," Glint said, and Eido shrugged. Archie growled and then transmatted a pile of candy onto the ground.

Eido and Glint exchanged a look of surprise. "That'll work," she said.

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Chapter 26

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