Chapter 28

Eido raced to a nearby vendor table of Eliksni baked goods and swiped the biggest loaf she could find. Her four hands worked furiously, tearing off chunks of bread and wrapping them in candy wrappers, and she suddenly realized she was very glad to be Eliksni.

"Eido!" Glint yelled.

She looked up and saw the Headless One barreling toward them and the assorted pile of "candy" at her feet. They scrambled out of the way just as the Headless One descended on the colorful wrappers. It devoured everything without a second glance.

But nothing happened.

"I don't understand," Glint said. "That should have worked!"

"Perhaps there is a chamber inside? Something to hold the Vex milk as it distributes around the body?" Eido asked.

"We're going to find out," Glint said. He zipped toward the Headless One, scanning it as it swiped furiously at him. "The chest!" he called out, just as the monster batted him away. Glint spun through the air, dizzy but unharmed.

Archie barked and immediately rushed to action, enticing the Headless One to chase him. The dog led it toward the kettle corn stand, weaving quickly through its legs. The monster stumbled and Archie leapt forward, giving it a solid shove. The monster caught the massive cast iron kettle, pulling it down as it fell to the ground. The kettle landed on its chest with a solid crunch, pouring popcorn and hot, liquid sugar into the Headless One's body.

The monster howled in pain and pried itself free. It swayed as it stood, Vex milk bubbling from its chest wound. Crow, Zavala, and Ana rushed forward with Glint beside them, and Eido pushed them away. "Get back!" she yelled and took cover.

The Headless One screamed again, its body expanding, the edges of the pumpkin head splitting and cracking. Suddenly—the monster exploded, erupting in a rainbow of foam that rose thick and high into the sky before cascading in a sticky sea, coating the entire Bazaar.

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