Chapter 30

"What a mess," Eido said. "The destruction of the Bazaar's festival space is disheartening. The substance created in the explosion is, well, much stickier than we calculated."

"Not to mention the smell," Zavala said, covering his nose. "This is… unbearable."

Ana swiped a sample of the material from her shoulder. "Hm. It's disgusting, but still just organic material. When I was performing some diagnostics on Archie the other day, I noticed a 'clean up' protocol buried in his subroutines, but I couldn't access the code. Maybe we could ask him to try it out here."

"What does he do with it? Put everything in a pile? …Eat it?" Crow asked.

Ana shrugged. "Only one way to find out. Archie? Would you be willing to run it?"

Archie barked and got to work.

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