Chapter 5

The toffee-covered Ghost transmatted away the second she heard Glint's voice. Unfazed, Glint approached the snake-covered Ghost, determined to meet a new friend.

"Hello, stranger! Are you enjoying the festival?" Glint asked.

"Get lost," Immaru snarled, and Glint jumped back in surprise.

"Immaru! You—"

"Be quiet, will ya! I'm, uh, trying to… enjoy the festival… incognito," Immaru whispered.

Glint quietly stared back for a moment. "You broke out of Eris's crate, huh," he said.

"I was in a room. Not a crate," Immaru replied tersely. "I wasn't waiting to be let out again on good behavior. I'm my own Ghost!"

"Then you should join me and Eido—"


"But we're collecting inspiration for scary stories, starting with our research on the Headless Ones and the Hall Between—"

"Headless what?"

"Headless Ones," Glint chirped. "Giant pumpkin-headed enemies that the Guardians have been fighting. They're mysterious monsters filled with candy!"

"Fighting the Guardians, hmm? In that case, I'd love to hear what your little Fallen friend has to say about them."

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Chapter 4

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