Chapter 9

Immaru materialized again in the corner of the Courtyard, not far from the bust of Cayde-6.

He continued his studies, watching Guardians obediently crowd around a Human with… more candy. Lots of candy, in fact. Her laughter pealed like mesmerizing bells as she bestowed her confections, the Guardians seeming to respond to her every command.

"Subjugation by sucrose…" Immaru thought to himself, "Much less messy than the Hive way. Heh, what I wouldn't give to try it out myself." He chuckled out loud at the thought.

An oblivious Titan stopped directly in front of him, adjusting his giant chicken mask with one hand while cradling a mound of confections in the other.


A chicken charged the Titan. He gasped and quickly dropped his bounty of candy in front of the Ironwood Tree, hands outstretched in a semblance of surrender. The chicken feverishly flapped her wings and mercilessly pecked his fingers.

"Colonel! It's me, it's me!" The Titan cried out in agony, trying to yank his mask loose. "I'm not a chicken!"

Mask wedged askew, the Titan ran and frantically barreled straight through Immaru. The Ghost slammed into Colonel with a solid thud.


The chicken focused her rage on Immaru and snapped at his shell. She found purchase on the silver snake decoration and clamped down.

"Let! Go!" Immaru yelled, wishing he had his Hive shell to swat the bird away. He sped through the Courtyard toward the Hangar. But Colonel had the strength of a Titan, the finesse of a Hunter, the cunning of a Warlock, and held on the whole way.

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Chapter 9: The Return

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