Chapter 8

The colors of dusk were already painted in the sky beyond the Last City by the time Glint approached Crow, stationed on the outskirts of the Tower.

"Crow! You'll never believe what happened today! Eido and I were talking. I mean, we talk a lot. But today about the Headless Ones, and then she got the idea to write a scary story! And then Eido was going to write. But then she didn't. I mean, she did but first tea! It didn't help. So then we—er, I—borrowed Eris's Deck of Whispers. The cards are incredible! No wonder Eris…"

Glint stopped and saw Crow's gaze following a squadron's contrails in the far-off distance. The Ghost floated up and nudged Crow's cheek; the Hunter jumped in startled surprise.

"Glint! I, uh, didn't see you there. Did—did you say something?" Crow asked.

"Just that… I'm here. If you want to talk."

Glint leaned against his Guardian's shoulder, and Crow reached up to touch the little Ghost's shell.

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Chapter 7

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