Cinder Pinion Cowl

"It's not enough to react! You must predict your opponent's next move if you hope to counter it." —Lord Shaxx

"Do I fear it?"

Lord Shaxx stooped to bring himself slightly closer to the recruit's eye level.

"Tell me: if I were to wear your helmet, would I fight as you do?"

The Guardian shrank visibly and shook her head.

"Of course not. We use the weapons of our enemies, but we do not become them. Do you know why that is?"

The recruit stayed silent. Shaxx put his hand on her shoulder.

"Because a weapon does not change a warrior. If a weapon makes you a monster, you were a monster to begin with."

He turned to the other Guardians.

"We are surrounded by fear. It presses on us from every direction. If you fear the hearts of your brothers and sisters, then speak to them."

Shaxx nudged the recruit. She tentatively raised her hand and summoned a fistful of Stasis crystals. He nodded with approval.

"If the heart you fear is your own," he said gently, "speak to me."

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