As a Ghost—even Savathûn's Ghost, yeah, yeah—I think I have a little more authority to speak on Light than some of you chuckleheads. You want an opinion, you got it.

Listen, it's pretty clear by now that whatever's evil is what you Humans happen to be fighting against at the time. Don't think I don't admire the grift, pal, but it's less entertaining from this side. We had that good old-fashioned time with "the Hive use the Darkness, so Darkness is evil." Except now, it's "the Hive use the Light, so maybe Light is also evil?" Yeah.

Let's take good and evil out of it for a minute.

So the Hive. My Hive. Me and this crew of Ghosts decided we were going to give the Traveler's better choice a real shot. Worms gone. Light remains. It shines on what's there, so what'd the Hive do? They didn't all develop a burgeoning case of rugged individualism the second they were reforged in Light. And the Light didn't burn the Dark out of them, or whatever nonsense the Praxic Order has been cooking up. They kept being Hive.

It's just about choice.

Everyone's got one. Always. Whatever you're doing, wherever you are. Not finding a choice acceptable isn't the same as not having one. Hive had a choice even under worm management—but hey, a final death isn't exactly an alternative a lot of them would want to pick.

What I'm getting at is that the Traveler made a choice too. Chose to uplift the Hive just as it did the Humans; chose to stay when it could have fled.

I respect that. Even now, I'm carrying out its will, across the divide from you lot.

And what are the Lucent Hive choosing now? I'm sure not telling. But whatever it might be, it's a whole different ball of hemolymph than your facile dichotomy of the past. And good or evil, they still get to choose for themselves.

Just like I did. Just like the Traveler did.

Old Friend, Beloved

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Eleatic Principle

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