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… Where there is smoke, there is fire, they say. The sign of a thing does not come to pass without the thing that made it. Footsteps require a being walking to be made.

So then, why the recent move toward acceptance of Darkness as a morally neutral force? Are we expected to believe that the Collapse, that all our battles against the Hive and their Darkness, have been nothing more than an elaborate false flag operation? How is it that none of the enemies of humanity have, until now, come to us wielding Light?

It is not… impossible.

There, I have said it, though it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to do so. While I sincerely doubt any genuine conspiracy, I will concede that it is technically possible that nearly every enemy of humanity has simply happened to take to hand the cosmic force that opposes the Traveler, the one force which was used to end the Golden Age and decimate humanity.

Savathûn is known for deception and trickery. Are we so certain that she was given the Light? Truly?

And even if it is true that the Darkness is itself as safe as the Light, that our greatest enemy had only taken it as its cloak, should we truly encourage Guardians to reach for it? A force of consciousness with the Witness lingering within? From where I stand, nothing seems riskier.

I have never thought that we needed to understand the Darkness to defeat it. Doing so has only brought more questions and uncertainty in a time when clarity of purpose is required.

Have we all forgotten the reasons Osiris was banished? In his obsession with the Vex, he spoke freely of morality, decrying the concepts of good and evil as foolishness; he spoke of a willingness to choose Darkness above whatever fate the Vex might bring. At the time, it was thought so dangerous a viewpoint that he was sent away from the City, and his return has only brought more doubt.

I will still fight the Darkness. That is of paramount importance. Perhaps, if there can be peace, the Creed can be revisited to prioritize the defeat of humanity's enemies.

That time is not now.


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