Equitis Shade Cowl

"You have truly grown fat from strength. And you are still as nimble as ever. Magnificent." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

The Cabal I knew commanded ships that spoke to our affluence and cultivation, forged from the crucible of war so that we might never need to fight again.

But what did the Red Legion deploy in place of the glossy, magnificent fleets that I remember? Warships. Carriers. Interceptor squadrons. Harvesters. The Almighty. Blunt and base tools of war, like the soldiers who use them.

The Cabal fleet that I remember shocked with its allure and refinement. They would never threaten. Our power was such that our threats were unspoken. And always present.

A Shadow of your Guardian-tribe, with your raw instincts and reflexes, would be a perfect navigator of these vessels. You'll guide them like blades past the throat of my homeworld's planetary defense force.

My homeworld... I can't remember its name. Perhaps I'll give it a new one.

—Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

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