Grimoire: BRAVE Arsenal

Lord Shaxx? Oh, he's quite a craftsman. But then of course, he's a survivor—like us.

He loves rewarding his pupils. With praise and, at times, with something more material. He invests great care in his designs. Still, sometimes a weapon has an unexpected kick. A side effect. He locks these away for special occasions. Other times, the Vanguard intervenes—you never know where you'll find the next Ghost-killer.

But outside the Crucible, the rules of engagement shift. There's no sense in leaving perfectly good armaments in storage.

Don't worry, Namrask. I do not intend to abandon the Loom. I am merely… consulting.

I am surprised Lord Shaxx let Drifter contribute. His aptitude is not in question, but I thought—

What? Oh, yes.

Low-level radiation is to be expected.

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